The first time I had pots go to auction was in July of 2001. Steve and Greg Belhorn of Belhorn Auction Service of Columbus, Ohio were the first to ever auction one of my pots. The pot was a unique piece that I sent out on an announcement postcard once and everyone was asking about it. It was big and beautiful, so I figured, "With that much interest, let's try an auction."

Mr. Belhorn, I have to thank you. It sold for 1100. Surprized me!

Another pot that went through McAllister Auctions that summer was a tall, unique, porcelain Peacock Pot. It was from 1996 and it was another piece I was going to keep for myself. It is the first and really the only pot that I tried painting with high fire glazes on porcelain. No carving or dry lines to separate the glazes when they start to melt. The glazes were just laid up along side of each other. I was just lucky that the kiln was turned off at the perfect moment. Everything melted, but didn't have time to run. Very lucky.

But I was even luckier when it came to the hammer price. $1400!