Laura Wilder is a contemporary printer that produces "period style artwork." She produces wonderful woodblock prints in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Her prints brighten my walls.

Ron VanOstrand of VanOstrand Metal Studio is a contemporary metalsmith that produces accessories in copper, silver, and gold for the body, home, or office. Ron specializes in finely chased vases, clocks, and 'one of a kind' Art Metal works.

Brad Lum of Illumine Art Pottery makes pottery in the American art pottery tradition. His pots are meticulously crafted.

Pottery Lovers is huge "reunion" of folks that love pottery. It is week long gathering of dealers, buyers and browsers primarily about American art pottery. But every year it becomes more than that. Seems like every year the scope of the show broadens and more contemporary potters, folk potters, European pottery dealers and the like show up. Zanesville, Ohio- where the reunion is held every July- has long been the center for American ceramics and still is. There are perhaps 10 working potteries in the area. PL is great fun with great people.

Scott Draves of Door Pottery in Madison, Wisconsin is a very skilled potter making pots true to the Arts and Crafts philosophy. He really knows his glazes.

The Roycrofters-At-Large-Artisans is an association of artisans making wonderful objects out of wood, clay, metal, fabric, leather and paper that are all in some way influenced by the Arts and Crafts philosophy of Eldret Hubbard- Click here for a LOT of Hubbard links. Want a brief history of Roycroft? Finally, if you are ever in the Buffalo, New York area, consider staying a night at the Roycroft Inn. It is a wonderful experience staying and dining (great food on the patios) at this recently restored Inn that is one of America's best from the turn of the last century.

Dorothy Markert is a print maker in Hamberg, New York. Her prints are wonderful, luscious and- I think- cheap! You want beautiful artist signed prints? Please check her out.

If you are interested in buying or just learning about American art pottery, Greg and Lana Myroth of Just Art Pottery.com are a wonderful resource. No single site on the web offers you more art pottery than this one. You might even find some of my pots there!

Eric Olson of Common Ground Pottery another potter in the Madison, Wisconsin area that makes wonderfully decorated pots in the art pottery tradition.

The American Art Pottery Association site has a wealth of information about ALL aspects of American Art Pottery.

Chris Powell makes wonderful, very "disciplined and clean" porcelain art pottery. Chris says, "In my work, you will find elements of not only the Arts and Crafts style, but also Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired designs incised on classic forms."

Ann Selberg is another potter making beautiful incised pots in the art pottery tradition. Ann says, "There is joy in making quiet pots that have presence and dignity through strong lines, sometimes heroic proportions, and through the sense of timelessness the clay/glaze combination perpetuates. 

Bob Maurer specializes in original watercolor landscape paintings in the Arts and Crafts Style. Bob is committed to the Arts and Crafts philosophy of creating quality work using "head, heart and hand."

Kathleen West is a printmaker who draws upon medieval and nature themes along with literary passages and quotes for the inspiration of her limited edition hand printed and colored images.

Denise Brucato is a jewelry maker/designer that designs and makes one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in karat gold, sterling or a combination of both as well as in other metals.

Leigh Davenport's jewelry is handcrafted, utilizing fabrication and lost wax methods. The pieces are created in sterling silver and gold, with a variety of enamels and gemstones.

Giuliano and Patricia Deganis of Inlight Art Glass and Craft Gallery embrace the Roycroft Renaissance movement of today and their goal is to it is our goal to create art glass of the highest quality.

Tom Harris and Ben Little Jr. of the Schoolhouse Gallery and Cabinet Shop are furniture makers that produce Arts and Crafts Period reproductions and originals. Schoolhouse handiworks include: case work, tables, mirrors, frames, lamps, bookcases, entertainment centers, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and many other Mission and Shaker pieces.

Stuart Compton of Terracroft.com is a tile maker in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Of his work he says, "My tiles are hand wrought, they have slight variations of shape and size- they are desirable and inevitable in a hand made product. I make the very best tile I can possibly make by hand."

Hans Ueckeroth specializes in colorful, literal raku.

Gregory Paolini has been designing and handcrafting custom furniture and cabinetry for over a decade, with some of his work having been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine.

I just happened across potter Robert Compton's web site and it one of the best web sites I have ever seen. And as an added bonus, he makes great pots!!!! Make this site a must visit.

Mary Philpott of "Wandering Fire Pottery" makes wonderful tiles and pots in the Spirit and Philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Visit Perry Smith Pottery where "Clay. Water. Fire. Passion... combine as the chemistry behind PerrySmith Pottery's unique and sophisticated creations. With a style all their own Ann PerrySmith and Jerry Smith have created a wide range of functional and sculptural work reflecting their varied interests."

Mission Guild Studio, located in the Historical Leatherstocking Region of New York, is a "Quaint" dual artisan studio specializing in a revival and renewal of Arts & Crafts era ideals. The studio is owned and operated by Christie A. Schorf-Miller and James M. Miller, a diverse artisan/craftsman team working solo as well as collaborating on the next level of Mission and Arts and Crafts in America.

Stroll through Hurley Century Arts and look at the details of the historically inspired hand-painted interiors, period style paintings and the incredibly intricate gesso panels.

Check out the prints of Elizabeth Andrews