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"New Pots Pages" to view recent pots that are for sale.

For your consideration: new pots and few old ones. Should you wish to purchase and/or ask a question, email me at the above address. Prices shown will get the piece to your door. When you communicate with me, please quote the number of the pot.

Here is a luscious emerald green Oak Tree tile #6-6-05 that is 6x8". It has a warp on one side, but from the front it is not perceptable. The mold of this tile broke and this one denotes the last tile from that mold. $75 to your door

This large 9x9" Grape Vine Pot is for the matt green lovers out there. It is a thick and lucious glaze reminicent of Teco. This is one of my own glaze formulations. Pot #846 is $475 to your door.

Another jade green pot. This bamboo pot has a full moon and blowing clouds around the top and the bamboo grove has mountians in the background. Bamboo pot #988 8"+ and is $175 to your door.

This 11"+ tall Hollyhock pot is vividly glazed and deeply carved porcelain. Personally, I think this is a great pot and I believe I made four of them. Two have a nighttime glaze and two in bright sun like this one. It is a beautiful piece and any serious collector of my pots should be pleased with this piece. There are only two of these daylight hollyhocks and I am keeping one. Mine- and this one is almost identical to it- was in the Zanesville Art Museum show and the Meramec show. Pot #1086 is $500 and it SOLD 0n 12-2-12.

This 9+" tall and lidded "Snake Charmers Pot" is #1137 and $600 to your door.

This is a big "Venom Pot". It is 9x9", #1224 and marked with the Roycroft artisan mark. I proud to say I am a Roycroft Master Artisan. $700 to your door.

I have made perhaps 8 of these Oak Tree pots. Generally I was not happy with the glaze results. I hit the mark with half of them and sold two beauties earlier this year. This one really hit the mark as far a glazing is concerned. I am very pleased. The pot does have one minor distraction at the neck and has a 3/8 or 1/2" firing line. It is glazed over and in and when you tap the pot it rings true. I do not anticipate making more of these and I have only one more to sell and it is glazed identical to this one. I will value that one at twice the price of this one. This one- #1254- is SOLD.

Here is one of "Sweetie" gourds. I love this shape best of all. It is #1266 and it sold. I have more though!

What can I say? This Dragonfly pot, #1345, 8", is a beauty and it is SOLD. Sorry.

This 9", one-of-a-kind Wisteria Pot is #1350 and 700 to your door. I glazed and fired it three times. Very pleasing to my eye!

This is a companion to the previous Wisteria Pot. It is porcelain, 12", fired three times, #1351 and $900 to your door.

Here is a pair of the Oak Tree tiles glazed with a winter snow theme. They are numbered 1353 and 1354 and are $200 to your door. Got a spot where you need hard symmetry and need two identical pieces?

I made a single "Beach Memories" tile panel about two years ago. I saw the horseshoe crab dead on the beach and set up my molds and mixed the plaster and cast on the spot. I give that crab immortality in a sense. I made the tile molds from life up on Seabrook Beach, NH about 15 years ago. I never made tiles from the molds until recently. I made the one and it turned out spectacular and everyone was nuts about it. One woman in particular, Betsy Maddox, was so enthused I had to make her one. I made two so I have one available. I made the frames to look like beach sand and I actually brought sand back from Seabook 15 years ago and that is the sand you see here. I think it very special. It is number 1356, $625 to your door and it is SOLD as of 12-3-12. (Sorry, if you are interested.)

Here is hoping you find something you like.