Very briefly, I just want to tell you what I am trying to do and how I go about it. I want you to know two things about what you are seeing.

First, I work in the art pottery tradition. Every decade has it's art pottery, but the tradition I am interested in- where pots were inspired by nature, hand thrown, one-of-a-kind, and intensely decorated- essentially died out early in the 20th Century. I am picking up that ball where it was dropped 75 years ago.

Second, I make different "lines" of art pots, but I don't make many of any one line. To this point in time, I would have to say that I don't make more than twenty, maybe thirty, of any one design. I come up with a theme- say Aliums or Dragonflies- and I will make perhaps 25 pots with that image in the course of a few years. Then a new theme pops up and pushes the old aside. People may be asking for the old theme, but the new theme generally demands that I focus on it. And though I will make that 25 or 30 of a particular design, every one of those 25 or 30 pots will be different from one another in size or color or shape. And many pots are not "lines" at all. Some pots there might only be one of. Or five of. What I am really trying to say is that if you see a pot of mine you fancy, best grab it. This is not an effort to encourage you to by my pots. The reality for me is that virtually all the pots I have made are gone. And some of those pots I do not make anymore. Just so you know...