Putting lists on your site is very simple. There are basically two types: "ordered" (numbered) and "unordered" (usually bulleted) lists. They both work the same way and there are a number of "bells and whistles" you can add to them if you add a tag or two here and there. I will show you the two basic layouts and if you have a tag list you can add the features. Actually the "features" are minor options like changing a round bullet to a square and the like.

Here is the list off of my home page. It is an "unordered" list with the choice options marked by "bullets" (the dots). I am not prioritizing- numbering- the choices for viewers. I'll let them choose.

Here is how it looks on my home page.


Here is what the HTML looks like on the SOURCE page.


<Li><A HREF="newpotslink.html">NEW POTS:</A> Some of the most recent pots I have made which are for sale.

<Li><A HREF="oldpotslink.html">OLD POTS Page 1</A>, <A HREF="oldpotslink2.html">Page 2</A>, <a href="oldpotslink3.html">Page 3</a> Some pots that are NOT for sale.

<Li><A HREF="infoaboutthepotter.html">POTTER INFO:</A> A brief biography and a statement.

<Li><A HREF="sales.html">CONTACT AND SALES:</A> Phone number, shipping, etc.

<Li><A HREF="exhibitions.html">EXHIBITIONS, AUCTIONS AND SHOWS:</A> Where my pots are sold or seen.

<Li><a href="worknow-dates.html">MOST CURRENT WORK:</a> Things I am working on this week.

<Li><a href="catch-all-dates.html">CATCH ALL PAGE</a> This page will be for all kinds of things. Check it out.


The <UL> tag means simply that there is going to be an unordered list following the tag and that any text preceded by the <LI> tag will be in the first section of the list until there is another < LI> tag which will begin the next part of the list.

Whatever follows the <LI> tag can be anything you want. In this case it is a standard link that you already understand. The links are just taking the viewer to other areas of my site.

If you wanted an "ordered" (numbered) list, all you would have to do is change two letters in the entire HTML list above. Just change the <UL> to <OL> and the closing tag </UL> to </OL>. The list will automatically be numbered starting with 1. Is HTML simple or not? There are tags for starting at given numbers, using letters instead of numbers and the like. You will have to find and utilize those tags yourself.

Now let's consider some BASIC ORGANIZATION ideas.