Here is an index of everything I am going to provide for you to construct and maintain a web site. You will have to refer to some of the following pages many times and others once. Above where you see "INDEX-----HTML tags" is my navigation bar. You will often need those two links as references. They will be on every page I provide. Click on #3 below to move forward.

"Develop Your Own Potter's Website."The March/April '03 "Clay Times" magazine article.

1. Introduction

2. Index of All the Info Provided (this page.)

3. Basics of HTML

4. Cut and/or Copy and Paste. You have to know this!

5. Your Desktop Procedure

6. A Few HTML Tags

7 Your First Web Page

8. Link Basics

9. Your Navigation Bar

10. All about Cameras and Images

11. More Ways to Use Images

12. How to Use Lists on Your Site

13. Keeping Organized and Link "Roadmaps"

14. How to Get Noticed on the Web

15. Communication Links

16. The Mechanics of Getting on the Web

17. A Few Suggestions