Some where on your site, you should have an email link that viewers can click and send you mail. In fact you might want to have that on every page. It is a very simple link and it looks like so:

<a href="mailto:your email address here">your email address here</a>

The 'your e-mail address here' that is within the quotes is the link you want to go to. The second 'your e-mail address here' is the way the link will appear on the page. It will be a blue link and can say whatever you want. It can be your actual e-mail address or you could put "Contact me" or whatever you please. It is a convenience for the viewer. Here are a few examples:

Contact me at

Got a question? Contact me.

Want to order? Order Now

If you look on the SOURCE page of this page you will see that the three e-mail links above say different things, but are all going to the same place. If you click any of the three above, it will automatically open an e-mail window. (The three e-mail links above are all active and coming to me. Write me sometime and let me know if this whole project is of any benefit for you.)

There are two other e-mail links that you might want to consider having on your homepage. They are a "ADD ME TO YOUR E-MAIL LIST" and a "REMOVE ME FROM YOUR E-MAIL LIST" link. It is a convenience for your viewers. The way I did it on my site is that I set up two e-mail addresses. One is and the other is

Click my home page and see how I worded the links for the add and remove feature. These links do not actually "automatically" add or remove you from my e-mail list. I just receive an email with no text attached and that is my signal to look and see who it is from and which address -add or remove- it was sent to. If someone sent me a blank "add" e-mail, I just add them to my address book. Same for remove. It is "automatic" for them and just a bit of trouble for me. There are, no doubt, truly automatic ways to add and remove, but this is the simple HTML way to do it.

There is a downside to having multiple e-mail addresses displayed on your website. People or webcrawlers that build e-mail lists for direct mail (junk mail or spam) companies will pick them up and you will get unwanted e-mails. It is your choice.

Next, all about actually GETTING ON THE WEB.