You have, no doubt, noticed that I have provided you with a navigation bar on all the pages I am providing you. It is a courtesy, a convenience, and a necessity for you and the viewers of your site.

On this web page creation web site, I have provided a limited nav bar because otherwise it would be a monster. Instead, I provided you with a path to an index on the top and bottom of every page where you can find the "monster" index. I did it differently on my web site. Click NEWARTPOTTERY.COM and check out my nav bar. Notice two things. My home page is divided into half a dozen areas of interest. And that the nav bar will take you to those areas of interest and return you with a single click in each direction.

You have to build a nav bar for your site sometime. I suggest you start a nav.html SIMPLETEXT file and create one. Every time you create a new .html SIMPLETEXT page, add it as a link to your nav bar in your nav.html SIMPLETEXT file. Then what you do to every page of your site, is you copy and paste the nav bar hHTML to the top and bottom of each web page. I suggest you separate it from the text of each page with a horizontal line (<hr>) or two. It will separate it visually and denote it as a tool rather than information.

Here's how you can start. No, here's how I did it. Do it anyway you please. The links on the nav bar below will not work here, but they should on your site.


If you want to see how the HTML looks for the nav bar above, I am going to make you go to "VIEW>SOURCE" to see it!

Remember, I am just showing the basic way to do things. If you want fancy buttons or signs or pull down menus, you can find them all over the web. If you are surfing and find something on a site you like and would like to make it your own, you can just take it by doing a copy and paste! Sometimes it is a bit difficult to decipher where the tags are to copy and paste. Different software will confuse you. I suggest you experiment at stealing from other sites. Have an "experiment.html" page and cut and paste things onto it, then view your spoils in the browser.

Something else that might expand your horizon is "clip art." Don't know what it is? Type "clip art" into a search engine and you will find and endless supply of images to enliven your web site.

Next on the menu is a little ABOUT IMAGES in and on your web site.