If you do not know how to "cut and/or copy and paste," read this page before moving on. It is essential you know how. If you know how to cut and paste, you can skip this page and go to the DESKTOP PROCEDURES (next) page.

I have to stop here and ask if you know how to cut and/or copy and paste text? It is a simple skill everyone probably knows, but I have to digress a moment and explain it to anyone who doesn't know this simple and useful tool.

If you don't know how to cut and/or copy and paste, your life is about to change. This is a very basic tool, yet I have known people who were on computers for years and didn't know how to do it. So, I am going to make sure you do. You can easily copy virtually anything that you see on your computer screen and make it your own; you can easily acquire any web page or part of a web page that you want and make it your own by using COPY and PASTE. Perhaps you see a tiny moving graphic on some web site and you decide you would like to acquire it and add it to you own site. Or maybe you are generating some text where the same phrases are constantly repeating themselves. There is no need to type anything a second time. Use cut and/or copy and paste. Copy and paste is more important to a "hunt and peck" typer (me!) than it is to someone with great keyboarding skills.

You can copy (and/or cut) and paste virtually anything you see on your computer screen. You will use copy and paste more than cut and paste. Say, for example, you have an e-mail from a friend and you want to send only one paragraph of that e-mail to another friend. You highlight the text you want to copy from the original e-mail by holding down the mouse and highlighting the text you want to capture. Then go to EDIT>COPY. Then you change windows to the second e-mail to which you want to add the paragraph, place your cursor where you want to place the captured text and go to EDIT>PASTE and the captured text will appear in the new e-mail. If you select EDIT>CUT instead of COPY you will "cut" and delete that text from the first e-mail when you PASTE it into the new e-mail, hence "CUT AND PASTE."

When you cut and/or copy and paste text from the SOURCE (where you see the HTML displayed) of some page on the web, you generally paste in the NOTEPAD application if you are using a PC or into a SIMPLETEXT file if you are using a Mac. Avoid pasting text you want into a word processing program. I find that once text has passed through some word processing programs it turns into gibberish when you move it into SIMPLETEXT. You are going to compose your web pages in NOTEPAD on PCs or SIMPLETEXT if on a Mac. I find that since I am on a Mac (and keep in mind I am no computer whiz so what I say may or may not be true) it is easiest to just work in SIMPLETEXT. I am told that you can work in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, if by chance you are on a PC and don't have the NOTEPAD application. My advice: use SIMPLETEXT if you have it.

You will use the "copy and paste" feature often when composing a web page. You can use this feature on virtually everything you see on your computer screen. But remember that if you want to capture part of a web page and make it your own, you have to copy and paste from the web pages "SOURCE." You have to go to the VIEW>SOURCE (in Netscape it is VIEW>VIEW SOURCE) to see the working HTML page and from there you can copy and paste. Always keep in mind that your browser is merely a translator of sorts. If you want to see or manipulate the web page's HTML, you have to go to the SOURCE of that page. You can go on the web and "steal" an entire web site and make it your own. That is essentially what you will be doing with my web site. I am going to show you how to copy my web site, then customize it and make it your own. When you do that you will gain the know-how to capture anything you see on the web and make it your own. Along the way you will learn basic HTML and then you can do whatever you want with your own web page.

Move on to the next page titled DESKTOP PROCEDURES and we will put your newfound cut and paste skills to work and generate your first- albeit- basic web page. It will only be basic until you start to build on it.