I have not been too productive since the last update. I am still glazing things, though they are oddball pieces as you will see. The last update with pots for sale was a whirlwind. No sooner had I sent out the email announcements and seven pieces were sold when I hit the "send and receive" the first time. The two people that bought the seven pieces in the first minutes saw the update before I could get the emails sent. That is a matter of 20 minutes or so.

I appreciate everyone looking and buying my pots. It sounds silly, but I need your support.

I have a number of unusual and exciting projects for this year. One thing is I have a friend- a sensai(?) that is going to throw some pots for me. He is a better thrower than I and he has a number of drawings of what I want. However, this fellow Jim Ibur has been telling me for years that I should start manipulating my shapes. I have generally resisted, but this time I told him that he should make any forms for me that he thinks I should be making and I will glaze them. I have found in the past that when I put myself in another's hand, the results can be startling. We will see.

Right here, I was going to list the "things to come," but I think it better that you keep an eye on the website and you will see them as they happen. I have some surprising ideas. One in particular, that "collectors", by their nature, are going to go nuts over. These items will be very timely and I guarantee you will look at them multiple times every day. (Hmmmmmm????)

OK, what have I been up to? Wait, before I do that, just for the heck of it, let me show you a picture of my bathroom.

I love tiles. And I am going to be making some killer tiles in the coming year inspired by the woodblock prints of Gustave Baumann.

I have been spending the last week or more glazing some big tiles. One is a commemorative tile for the Space Shuttle "Columbia."

Another is a self-portrait.

And I am glazing up two more of the big plates. Most "pot" collectors don't like these plates. I have not sold one yet. I pulled the Wisteria plate on the last update and marked it as "MINE!" I decided to keep it. I did the same with the snow and aliums one on the previous update. Why? First, you don't seem to be interested in plates. Second, I am glazing up one of the plates with the "cherry blossom" theme and when it is done, I am going to hang those three very Japanezy plates together and see how they look. You will see it when I do it. (And you will be kicking yourself!)

Here is something else that is "new." Please note, this is not for sale. It is an indicator of things to come and I am keeping it for the time being. (And "yes," I remember those of you that said "dibbs on that one please." I'll keep you in mind.) I am making some special frames for some tiles of mine. This one is silver plated copper. Hammered and rivited copper sheets- 5/16" thick- that are silver plated. Cool, huh? More and better to come.

This is a short update. Finally, I will show you a few of the figures I make. These were in a show here in St. Louis called "Eros Rising." These figures are not really "erotic", but the show organizers said they were close enough. They are all more or less self-portraits about me and my pots. The titles left to right are:

Click the picture if you want to see them actual size.

"Blinded by pots"
"Pots! Pots for sale!"
"Santa's coming"
"I drink in nature and piss out glaze"
"Potters will always have a pot to piss in"
"I love glaze"