The photos in this update are a mix of what I have been making, what I have been selling, what I have been offering to folks with queries, what I am donating, and a few things that will be coming down the pike in the near future.

I sold this Woolsey bottle cap barn to a fellow in England. I'll guess the shipping will be 600!

This Venom pot is on ebay right now. It has since been reglazed and refired.

My son, Chris, is a chess player and the chess team has an annual Trivia Night to raise funds to send the team to Nashville for six days for the Chess Supernationals. Of course they are asking for donations of objects for the silent auction. I made this chess bowl for that reason.

The theme of the trivia night is "Romance" so I made a few pairs of cups as well. These say "Keep me..." on one side and "On Your Lips" on the other side. Actually I was thinking about being a potter at the time and thought it appropriate to ask people to "Keep me on their lips" -as in talk about me- and then you have the play on words with the "lip" of the cup.

This pair says, "Put your lips to mine..." and on the other side they say "Can you feel the love?" Again, I was thinking about being a potter and using those plays on words to talk about what I do.

Another bowl has the words "I Love You" around the outside. I didn't make the cups and this bowl for trivia night, I made them long ago and the sentiments are simply because I am a romantic. "Ha!" my wife would say. I put a lot of words on pots and right now I am making a bunch of coffee cups with words on them that are killer! I mean I am excited about them. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the next update to see them

Two people recently asked about Dragonfly pots. I have a few that I pulled aside for myself, but I did offer this one to two people in the last sixty days. I am fortunate that they did not take me up the offer. It is a perfect pot and I am glad to have it. I am glad I didn't part with it for the 900 I was asking. It is so special, the price went up to 1000!

This reglazed piece came out of the kiln recently and will be on ebay shortly. It has a problem, but the pot is such a beauty, I am still going to offer it at auction.

I made some wisterias...

some Corn Pots...

some more gourds...

and some "Saturn Plates."

I made two of these last year and both had to be trashed. This time I was very careful with the design and I am sure these will make it to the market. I also made a "Black hole Bowl" that I am excited about. I'll show you that next time. I may just end up making a "Planet Series" of bowls and plates.

I have been making gourd forms on a regular basis and I now have a coterie of folks interested.

This piece was sold on ebay for 72 bucks...

And this piece is a new approach to glazing and will hit ebay in the future...

and here is a pic of one woman's little collection. She has since added to it.

This is another ebay pot that sold for 565. It is a beauty and has perfect glazing. No crazing apparent yet, but that can take years to show up. And no crazing is not always good. I have pots that are very heavily crazed and it only adds to the beauty.

A recent pair of evening landscape pots.

And some cups and bowls that I made for Christmas presents.

I am making and glazing at the same for the moment. Things will be on ebay every week and I hope to update my web site sale page in the near future. Ebay keeps me on my toes and unfortunately gets priority with pictures and info since I have to do it every week.

Here is wishing you a Healty and Prosperous New Year!