First let me show you how a piece you saw in the last update turned out.

This piece is called "I Am A Prism" and is about glaze and me.

My eyes drink in the white light and I have to make objects and color them. I am a color machine.

Some of you may know that I have been invited by the Zanesville Art Museum do put on a solo show this summer. The show will consist of "FIFTY POTS" that I have made and kept through the years. So, I decided to make a catalog of sorts and I asked two photo friends if they would take pictures for me. Here is Ray Hunter snapping away.

One of Ray's photos...

and another photo for the catalog. The catalog titled "FIFTY POTS" will not have the usual format. It will be available- at cost- through Lulu.com by the end of the month.

I though you collectors might enjoy seeing a part of a hood ornament collection that I have accumulated. They are on display at my local library.

I think they are incredibly beautiful objects.

Die cast metal industrial sculpture for small money on eBay.

Kath and I have of late had an interest in birding and have been taking weekend hikes to obscure spots. This is along the Mississippi.

First, let me tell you about a train trip and give you a tip or two if you ever think of making a rail trip. My wife, Kathy, and I took a train trip from St. Louis to KC to LA and then all the way up the west coast to Portland, Oregon. Beside the fact that it is great and relaxing fun, I think it is a travel bargain. It cost us 1400 for four days on the train and all meals. We road coach to KC- a five hour ride- then we booked a roomette to LA. A roomette is a bit tight as the room footprint is only about 21 square feet. Your luggage has to be stored on a rack in the hallway. The roomette has two comfortable chairs facing one another next to a 6x3 foot window. At night, the porter converts the two chairs into a bed with mattress and another bunk folds down from the ceiling. It is tight- especially if you are older. The upper bunk is very narrow and you have a webbing that you attach to the ceiling so you do not fall out. In LA we decided on an upgrade. Here is the tip you must remember. We went into the LA station- which is fabulous- and found that an upgrade to a room that sleeps three and has its own bathroom was 600 bucks for one night. No way. We said we do it if it was 200 or less. As we set foot on the train- literally-I told the porter we would like to upgrade. We got the same room they wanted 600 for 10 minutes earlier for 173. We took similar train trip about four years ago and we remembered the porter telling us then, that you always upgrade on the train- not the station- and you can get any room available for 200 or less. That is what we did and we had a luxurious room all the way up the west coast for about 30 hours. Something else about the trip. Your meals are included and you are eating fine food on china as the world goes by. You can't beat it and I don't think such luxury will be available in the coming years.

Here I sit in the lounge car...

and the dining car. We were in the dining car probably four hours a day. You are not rushed and can sit and enjoy the food and company as long as you like.

The LA train station is a JEWEL. It is unbelievably beautiful and built in the Craftman/Deco/Moderne style. It touches a lot of design themes.

Me? I found this little porcelain jewel desirable.

This is the logo for the train that runs up and down the west coast. The "Coast Starlight" is special and the staff knows that and makes you feel special.

One of many western vistas you see while in the dining car.

This is another vista going through the Cascade Mountains. There was four feet of snow.

It was snowing heavily as we passed through.

Here we are at lunch with my niece in Vancouver, Washington. There are more breweries than gas stations and we were fueling up here. These are the beers on the sampler platter at a local beer hall.

Until next time...