Here is the reaction of the Wright family to seeing one of my latest pots. AWE!!

Some beautiful Weller Hudsons in Steve and Dave Wright's room.

I promised Dave Wright that I would bring him a pot of mine dated 1993. I found one and it is- I am guessing- one of six that are dated that year. I am guessing that this might be the second pot I ever made. Dave now has a pot of mine from each year I have been making.

I made a big tile of Don and Patti and it was a picture of them on the cover of the "American Art Pottery Journal." It picked up an unfortunate crack, but it is still a neat piece. On the tile, they are holding the four pots that they bought from me last year at PL. I wonder if I should make a tile of this picture instead. Hmmmmmmm.

Tim O sat himself at my door at 2 o'clock. And I was not opening until 6!!!! I love it. But he was rewarded as you will see a few pictures down the line.

Here is what my room looked like before I opened the door for business. Tiles and big plates on the bed.

Check out this 20" charger...




A close up...

A wisteria charger. It is one of two...

Half of the room...

More pots...

My buddies the frogs. They indeed, payed my hotel bill.

The door is opened.

Collector friends come in

and the frogs and

the pots go out.

I love Terry when she has a check book in her hand!

Here is a picture (not a great one unfortuately) of Pat and Ted Sallaz. Everyone in the show and everyone at the show owes these folks a hearty "Thank you." Ted and Pat- and of course many others as well- have pulled the Pottery Lovers show together for 25 years!! That is a big part of their lives- a lot of work. Thanks to Ted and Pat as well as Sam and Faydelle Schott, Larry and Tina Seyler, Barb and Mike Foster, John Stofft, Jeanette Stofft, Joe and Tina Tunnell, Wayne and Pam Balash and all the others- and there are a lot of unrecognized "others" that deserve our thanks.
The most important thing about this picture for me is the pot that Pat is holding. It is Chris'- my son- first original design for a pot. Chris has been helping me in the studio of late. Who knows what will become of this in the future.

A pic of Scott Draves of "Door Pottery" admiring one of his pots.

Here is Eric Olson -aka "Common Ground Pottery" and his display.

Some of Eric's pots.

Here is one I traded for with Scott.

Like Roseville? Here is the fellow with the mostest!

Here is Steve Wright who specializes in pottery restoration. His business sign is in the backround. He has the eagle eye and everyone asks his opinion when there is a question of repair and restoration.

Here is James Lee Soffer and he is holding a picture of a tile I made of him holding my pots and on the cover of the Journal.

Here is Rod. He is the man to see if you want European studio art pottery. He had a lot of wonderful, turn-of-the-century French studio pieces.

Here is probably the most stunning piece anyone at the show had in their room. I am thinking it is a piece designed for Weller by F.H. Rhead. Late 1904, give or take a year. It was not for sale, but everyone wished it was!

This is Paula from Texas modeling one of my pots and a piece of my jewelry.

Saturday night about 11 was chicken wing night. The Wright family room is the focus for such festivities. The cooler is always packed with beer and soda and there is always something good to eat.

Here is the Belhorn Auction Team just after their annual pottery auction. That is Steve Belhorn in the middle, Teresa (I don't know her last name), and Steve's son, Greg. Steve and Greg do the calling of the auction and Teresa keeps it all organized.

You can find all kinds of action in the Wright's room. Even a late night poker game!